Friday, 16 May 2008

Wayfarers Run Their Course

There's something inherently wrong about fads that carry over from one year to another. The initial peak of unity in irony, accompanied by a wry smile as you pass a fellow follower in the street, is replaced by the grim fact neither of you have moved on in 12 months, causing feelings of hollow failure. Perhaps. A little. Fact is, the return of Ray Ban wayfarers to our attention was a funny if lazy distraction last summer- now they just look like they should have a fake nose and tache attached. No wait, Topman, don't actually go make them... On girls they still look pretty fresh, especially the more subtle, oval curves like Giles Deacon's pair for New Look. Cheap and cute, making them fairly indispensable. For the discerning man however, cast your eyes above to Pony's pick. The top and bottom pair are by AM Eyewear, an Aussie brand that takes slick , mature styles and gives them a macho chunking up; in the middle are Tom Ford's genius Miami yachtsman staple. A natural progression from 80s city-boy Ray Bans to ex-pat Canary Island tax exile, right? The lanes are sure to be stacked with knock-off versions, as are H&M et. al; for the real deal, go to Bromptons opposite the Dorset.

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