Friday, 16 May 2008

Restlesslist Vs Cloud Cover

Woh, major buzz kill man.. this grey shroud can go straight back to Croydon where it belongs. Until the beach gets viable, why not enjoy some indoor sunshine, courtesy of Restlesslist. They're local dontchaknow, and make ridiculous, sublime, seasidey bursts of 3minute joy. Metronomy opened a small place in everyone's heart for some organ-led twiddle, and Restlesslist are here to build an extension- lots more rock oomph, more character, and more overall appeal, for me anyway. There's the single, below, and their myspace has some other tasters (ignore the shit video though). They're signed to LIE records (that's Life Is Easy, also local), and the album Rise and Fall of The Curtain Club came out in February. Maybe you saw them at their secret outdoor gig yesterday, or at their Great Escape show- I didn't, and can't wait for them to play the Hope, June 13th.

MP3: Restlesslist - Butlin Breaks


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