Sunday, 18 May 2008

Something In The Ice...

Most Pony readers are probably familiar with Sigur Ros, many with Múm, and some with Mugison. New to all but the most ardent of pleasure seekers will be Borko, another Reykjavik dwelling tunesmith deserving a share of the geographical limelight. He's released a 12 on Resonant, and has an album imminently available over here. It's been put together with help from Múm members, but has an atmosphere beyond their distilled beauty. There's a much more limited (read 'traditional') range of sounds but they're worked with a broader deftness- try out the tune below and make your way sharpish over to his Myspace to hear more. Its the way in which he's re-imagined the sound that defines his peers, and added new levels of energy without breaking the concise, tremblingly ornate mould that makes him irresistible. When there's an album that can be bought and kept for ever we'll shout it from the rooftops.

MP3: Borko - Shoo Ba Ba

PS: To keep up to date with other Icelandic flights of fancy, pop B-town Hit Parade in your bookmarks. OK, you can't understand the words, but trying to is fun, and the music is often excellent. There's something pure about not being able to understand why you're being told a song is good, but then liking it anyway. Isn't there? Surely there is.

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