Friday, 23 May 2008

Just Yes.

The pony bog has had a rather haughty, literarily suspicious tone of late, for which apologies are in order. No let-up lexically this time, but musically something far more concise: an oldie from Proxy, employing filthy DnB tactics in a familiar Ed Banger framework. We thought is was all over but apparently there's still some legs on it: push synths to their utmost grubbiness and voila, a genre is given a worthy swansong. Enjoy, hate, whatever yeah. Arrogant bastardation at its pinnacle. Disgusting bliss, as Chris Morris once said.

MP3: The Proxy - Dancing In The Dark


Ps: Watch Dancer In The Dark, the immense Bjork film by Lars Von Trier from which this song culls it's title. It will make you sob uncontrollably with tears of ecstatic pity.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Something In The Ice...

Most Pony readers are probably familiar with Sigur Ros, many with Múm, and some with Mugison. New to all but the most ardent of pleasure seekers will be Borko, another Reykjavik dwelling tunesmith deserving a share of the geographical limelight. He's released a 12 on Resonant, and has an album imminently available over here. It's been put together with help from Múm members, but has an atmosphere beyond their distilled beauty. There's a much more limited (read 'traditional') range of sounds but they're worked with a broader deftness- try out the tune below and make your way sharpish over to his Myspace to hear more. Its the way in which he's re-imagined the sound that defines his peers, and added new levels of energy without breaking the concise, tremblingly ornate mould that makes him irresistible. When there's an album that can be bought and kept for ever we'll shout it from the rooftops.

MP3: Borko - Shoo Ba Ba

PS: To keep up to date with other Icelandic flights of fancy, pop B-town Hit Parade in your bookmarks. OK, you can't understand the words, but trying to is fun, and the music is often excellent. There's something pure about not being able to understand why you're being told a song is good, but then liking it anyway. Isn't there? Surely there is.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Wayfarers Run Their Course

There's something inherently wrong about fads that carry over from one year to another. The initial peak of unity in irony, accompanied by a wry smile as you pass a fellow follower in the street, is replaced by the grim fact neither of you have moved on in 12 months, causing feelings of hollow failure. Perhaps. A little. Fact is, the return of Ray Ban wayfarers to our attention was a funny if lazy distraction last summer- now they just look like they should have a fake nose and tache attached. No wait, Topman, don't actually go make them... On girls they still look pretty fresh, especially the more subtle, oval curves like Giles Deacon's pair for New Look. Cheap and cute, making them fairly indispensable. For the discerning man however, cast your eyes above to Pony's pick. The top and bottom pair are by AM Eyewear, an Aussie brand that takes slick , mature styles and gives them a macho chunking up; in the middle are Tom Ford's genius Miami yachtsman staple. A natural progression from 80s city-boy Ray Bans to ex-pat Canary Island tax exile, right? The lanes are sure to be stacked with knock-off versions, as are H&M et. al; for the real deal, go to Bromptons opposite the Dorset.

Restlesslist Vs Cloud Cover

Woh, major buzz kill man.. this grey shroud can go straight back to Croydon where it belongs. Until the beach gets viable, why not enjoy some indoor sunshine, courtesy of Restlesslist. They're local dontchaknow, and make ridiculous, sublime, seasidey bursts of 3minute joy. Metronomy opened a small place in everyone's heart for some organ-led twiddle, and Restlesslist are here to build an extension- lots more rock oomph, more character, and more overall appeal, for me anyway. There's the single, below, and their myspace has some other tasters (ignore the shit video though). They're signed to LIE records (that's Life Is Easy, also local), and the album Rise and Fall of The Curtain Club came out in February. Maybe you saw them at their secret outdoor gig yesterday, or at their Great Escape show- I didn't, and can't wait for them to play the Hope, June 13th.

MP3: Restlesslist - Butlin Breaks


Friday, 9 May 2008

Art: Often Quite Good

There's a double bill of unmissable shows in Brighton, not often you can say that. Phoenix gallery has an excellent print show called Press & Release, with a huge volume of work and something inspiring for everyone. Quantity over quality but still extremely, um, rich, without meaning to sound like a smirking douche. Check.

Also just put up is the Modern Toss show at Ink_d, that mini gallery next to the tattoo place that you always wish you had the time/cajoles to actually look round. This time it's worth the detour, with a show dedicated to the local mischief makers running as part of Brighton Festival. There's a lifesize Alan, amongst other cocky delights.