Friday, 23 May 2008

Just Yes.

The pony bog has had a rather haughty, literarily suspicious tone of late, for which apologies are in order. No let-up lexically this time, but musically something far more concise: an oldie from Proxy, employing filthy DnB tactics in a familiar Ed Banger framework. We thought is was all over but apparently there's still some legs on it: push synths to their utmost grubbiness and voila, a genre is given a worthy swansong. Enjoy, hate, whatever yeah. Arrogant bastardation at its pinnacle. Disgusting bliss, as Chris Morris once said.

MP3: The Proxy - Dancing In The Dark


Ps: Watch Dancer In The Dark, the immense Bjork film by Lars Von Trier from which this song culls it's title. It will make you sob uncontrollably with tears of ecstatic pity.

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