Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Missing Inaction

Erk. Showpony blows a little, having failed to wield influence in getting Radar Bros. tickets. They may be indie shmindie of the Shins ilk, but song writing brilliance and a deft avoidance of cliche put them in a worthier bracket. Plus they are playing at the Marlborough Theatre, upstairs at Three and Ten on St James', the definition of tucked away and perfect for their cosy melodies. No time for tears; unless you've already got tickets you aren't going either, and if you are going, please please send the 'Pony some pictures/words after. Meantime, here's a mouthful off the last album Auditorium.

MP3: Radar Bros. - Warm Rising Sun


We're also late to these parties, though festivities are far from over: Firstly, White Denim, who narrowly got dropped from the SXSW post for being too well known. Tight times, and horribly unfair ones: their particular wave hasn't broken yet and we should all be there when it does. Rocking a breadth of influences as expansive as theirs is usually a turn-off, but they've made sloppy arhythmia, gravelly party vocals and sunkissed tie-dye melodies into a comprehensive turn-on. That's Hendrix-era tie-dye, not 90s glasto bucket-hat crusties. RIP them btw, not big Jay-z fans apparently. More likely they're just getting in their vans and heading somewhere European where the mud won't clog their mono-dread and the drugs are cheaper. Anyway. White Denim are from Austin TX, are 3 (men), and wear vests in a way that bisects irony. Listen to this and scan for the album, Workout Holiday, out June 23rd on Full Time Hobby:

MP3: White Denim - ShakeShakeShake

Another faction of the over-ripe glut are Man Man. Don't be scared if words like 'pirate' and 'gypsy' start poking out- they're just misunderstood, not dangerous. Gogol Bordello might have the Romany spotlight right now, but if their ragged swagger has run into novelty for you then here's a solution. This lot've been around for two albums already, and have both long term potential and immediate punch. They meld jaunty, fiddly merriment into something comfortingly recognisable, approaching the predictability of Wolf Parade for moments before jumping back aboard their rummy rock schooner. Album Rabbit Habits is out now on Anti-, and they play Cargo [<-- scroll down for tickets + details] on May 13th.

MP3: Man Man - Top Drawer


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