Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Efterklang / Holy Fuck, live and local

Efterklang are back in Brighton, hurrah! Most of their fans probably caught them when they played a couple of months ago, but the gig was delayed and then cut a little short on the night I'm told. This time the promoters have a super-special late opening from Pressure Point this Thursday, so no-one has to go home until they've completely had their fill of powerful Danish wonderment. Tickets were still going (just) yesterday at Resident, pop on down. It's a tenner but heh, the loan has to go somewhere. Support is rather cheekily from Our Broken Garden, comprised of Efterklang band members. The latest album Parades (available here) is emphaticly beautiful. Compared to American beauty merchants like Explosions In The Sky they have the advantage of a Scandinavian sensibility- less washy, epic guitars, more lump-in-throat clarity. If that weren't enough, get your ears round this, check out more on their download page, buy their stripped-back earlier EPs and watch this live video. Oh, and you can buy tickets here if you're quick, 10 left at time of writing.

Mp3: Efterklang - Cutting Ice To Snow

PS- Efterklang means 'reverb' in Danish. Bet you'll never find a time to bring that up.


Also in town are Holy Fuck, next Monday at Digital. All round super-promoters Lout are the first to scoop them, hats off. They're Canadianly reticent (no vocals, in a good way) and tread a nice line between experimental and 'proper band'. It's hard to describe the elements that make up their sound without making them sound like an over-egged disaster-toy samples, drum machines, large chords- this is very unfair on them, and perhaps a reason the press were a little luke-warm. Trust though, buy it, you'll listen to it loads, end of. Tickets available here, live clip here, song below, shake it all about..

MP3: Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen

All for now. Show Pony as in, like, the printed magazine and everything, is coming out real soon. This space is already blushing cos you're watching it so much...

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