Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Camper than a Spiegeltent

Those not in 3rd year/ on roundabout routes through Brighton will be unaware of the Spiegeltent, a truly magnifi-tent (sorry) structure that jewelled Brighton Festival's crown for many years. Replaced in the last two by the ex-E4 upside-down cow thing, Udderbelly, we're proud of all involved to announce the Spiegel's return. It's a collapsible wooden tent with stained glass art-deco bar and an atmosphere that really doesn't compare to anything else. This year it'll be on the green outside St Peter's church, and amongst the usual prgramme of cabaret and folk is Hercules & Love Affair. Their super-hyped album release on DFA barely raised my eyebrow, but this could change things. The thought of seeing Anthony Heggarty (of he and his Jonsons fame) hip-swing through some smirky nu-disco while enjoying the second half of a bottle of merlot on a sticky May evening is supremely appealing. Listen to the song below, picture it... if it ain't working out you could always look out for Seth Lakeman, Los Albertos or Alice Russell gracing the creaky boudoir. Dates and details to follow.

MP3: Hercules & Love Affair - Hercules Theme

Full festival round-up nearer the time. Talking of which, Great Escape is soon, buy a ticket before the loan goes double figures.

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