Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Holy Fuck- Feedback

Holy Fuck know what they want, and how to get it. Eeking steady, driving drones from a rotating cast of electronics, they are a band with tight collective understanding. Every track starts nowhere and ends everywhere, with constant, meticulous growth. Nothing is wasted and nothing goes too far; predictable the cacophonous endings may be but never disappointing. It's no mean feat turning fully live electronics, especially with a human rhythm section, into something danceable and rigid. Too often the shifts from regularity can grate and kill the momentum; no such problems here, their organic synth jams and tight pulses driving a dense symphony. The use of multiple keyboards and sound generators stayed within the bounds of practicality, without turning into a gimmick. Only the appearance of a melodica, for some reason an "Alt band" staple at the moment, begged to differ. A 16mm film score editing machine took centre stage, an analogue soundtrack tape being pulled through it to make haunting, slow wails or sharp, jerky warbles. This typified the performance- mastery of machinery, for sound not show. If you get a chance, take it- they'll tweek a right party out of you.

PS- Video link to follow when I can extract it from my hard-ball playing camera. Click the photos above to make 'em big.

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