Friday, 15 February 2008

Friday Premonitions

New feature! Friday seems a good day to give you a guide to the week/end ahead gig and other wise, so that's exactly what we'll do. Good'uns will then get reviewed and posted about the following Thursday. Most of the time. No-one's perfect.

Tonight is Kode9 + the Mystikz at Concorde2, Super Dubpressure stylings and all that goes with it. Wobble along to future bangers, then watch T4 with the subtitles on cos your ears have gone to mush. Competition is from Born Bad, Komedia's sweaty tribute to rock'n'roll from a time when that meant something. Equally good in opposite ways, and makes crystal castles seem the rather damp, forgettable option- no offence but don't put yourself down: unlike yesterday, you can do better.

Saturday's Kissy Sell Out (@Digital) vs. Adam Freeland + Evil9 at Concorde. Compare notes by listening to Kissy's podcast here, and checking out the Marine Parade label site's podcast here. I'll be doing the mailing list at Concorde, so giz a wave if you make it. Another hard choice and both over a tenner for mortals, so maybe it's another houseparty for most...

Next week sees Cazals at the Barfly on Monday, with support from Cut Off Your Hands (check their video for Still Fond here). Not everyone's cup of tea, but bound to be a lively knees-up at least. For a quieter evening, try the British Animation Awards tour in the Sallis Benney- it's on Sunday and Monday evening, and should be packed with goodness: for a sample, there's a clip of Best Student Film nominee Milk Teeth here, and Best Comedy nominee Cat Man Do here.

Tuesday sees Cut Copy at Digital. Last time they played the gig got moved at the last minute, an impressive convoy of fans trudging through town to Ocean Rooms to finally catch them around midnight. Slicker, bigger tour this time and a new album to plug (In Ghost Colours). You can download a shiny happy taster here:

Cut Copy : Lights and Music (Original Mix)

Or visit their site.

On Thursday you can pay £20 to see Mark Ronson at the Dome. God knows what that gets you- presumably he can't round up even half the vocalists off that last album which leaves you watching.. a DJ set? Lord help us.

Not the hottest week in the world, true, but check back tomorrow for the longer range forecast: there's plenty to get excited about in the coming weeks.

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