Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Kenneth Ishak at The Hope

As well as covering the cultural output of Brighton students, anything on the periphery that deserves a shout will get just that. Anyone organising/playing in/ doodling the flyer for a gig, please get in touch and we'll sort you some coverage.

Kenneth Ishak sounds a bit like a Norwegian Ben Gibbard (Death Cab, Postal Service), which is surely a good starting point. His pop balladry draws closer the comparison, albeit with a frosty melancholy seemingly exclusive to Scandinavians. Shimmery goodness, and perfect for those hungover from Audio on Monday night (more on this later). Support is from the jangly, earnest and utterly American Champ Of The Day, and Man Ray Sky, the more promising (and local) warmer upper. Get down early for Cups also- Doors 7.30, on Feb 7th.

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