Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Pony's Return / The Nag's Last Furlong

Yup. It happened, summer got swallowed by a Bestival mud creature and T4 is only on at weekends again. Pony got well lax over the end of the break there, apologies for the silence- here's a guilty pile of new-term freshness and nods towards gigs. Plenty to come on the Brighton City Festival etc. also, and news of the next submission date.

Gig: James Yuill @ Digital
Monday 4th Oct, £6.

Previous gracer of these pages and overnight sensation thanks to an indulgent Radio 1 session this week, the man of the hour crops up in Digital on Monday. Worth it just to see how he controls so many sounds while singing calmer than a kite in the breeze- here's a link to the video of the summer's folktronica anthem No Pins Allowed, cos we're not meant to give the song away. It's on a lovely Moshi Moshi 7" anyway, which you can no doubt buy at the gig. And get signed in lipstick if that's your thing.

Video: James Yuill - No Pins Allowed


OK, got work to do. More later.

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