Monday, 7 July 2008

Degrees of Abstraction

Though undoubtedly filled with good music (and no other blog's carried that Unitz track yet, score), the last Pony post smacked of easy pickings. Where were the underground exposés, the truffles of delight only the Pony can deliver? Time then for a follow-up post, this time based on artists linked to those mentioned last time, but who you hopefully haven't heard of. Starting with an affiliate of Flying Lotus then:


Long-time associate of the oft-touted glitchmobbers, and tight as camden trousers when it comes to beat production. A bit more of a hiphop swagger than Lotus, and more cheek too- check this out on Imeem, floppy rhythms that somehow stay completely in check. (While you're there check this version excursion. Not for all, but those that know, you KNOW, right?) If he can turn that monstrosity into something approaching beauty then his own material must be fit, yes? Shocker, it really really is. Try this for size, then pop over to the Myspazz for some more, and a link to the very reasonably $10 mixtape. Interestingly, he's signed to Hyperdub over here, more commonly associated with them dubstep folk- let's hope some prime UK talent like Lukid will get caught up in the progress.

MP3: Samiyam - Moon Shoes
[edit: new link now posted, apologies for the dead one]


This next one came about by linking Fleet Foxes to Beach House (lovely, shimmering popscapes), them to Lazarus (solo folk experimenter), then Red Leaf Black Bird (more folk, less twiddle, lots nice), and finally to:


Their line-up has changed more often than the weather since their 1999 inception but the strength and simplicity has remained. I saw them support Kimya Dawson at the Cowley Club one privileged morning a couple of years ago, and they've grown no more popular since, leaving their fragility and languid resolution intact. Theirs is a life lived in a lower gear, the uphill grind just an excuse to free-wheel all the way home, legs and caution spread to the wind as trees and fields flash by.. It's summer, it's winter, it's your life as a cup of tea and you're the digestive. Their site will keep you informed of future dates, as will we- try and pick up most recent recording Tigers On Fire, released on Tract.

MP3 - Tigersaw - Postcards and Letters
(via - right click to download)


Now to something not altogether different. Wildbirds and Peacedrums are a hard act to follow, but someone whose voice can play the UK corner is:

Rozi Plain

Maybe it's a shameless plug for someone I vaguely know (did foundation together, wave if I see her floating past on the ferry round Bristol docks), maybe it's just great music. Wildbirds are a hard one to draw comparisons with anyway, so I figured it's better to try and find a compatriot rather than competitor- Rozi certainly is that. Recently things have gone up a gear, with coverage on 6Music and even Radio 1 (good ole Huw Stephens), so jump on board before the media grabbing for the next Lykke Li decide that maybe it's her turn in the spotlight.. The Myspace has all the expected goods, and there's an album out on Fence records shortly. Wonderful songs, brilliant voice redolent of lablemate Rachel Dadd (but far more listenable in my world), and unshakable charisma to boot. None of that Joanna Newsomy wimping around like a malnourished butterfly- good old fashioned musicianship without the image crisis.

MP3: Rozi Plain - Cherry Tree


There's not much point trying to get you to look at other dubstep comps because they are without exception incredibly behind the true face of what's being dropped- just subscribe to Plastician and Skream podcasts on RinseFM here, and watch the subgenres unfold before your very ears. The sound of someone far more used to hours locked up in a basement with only a bag of weed and some well-tuned monitors for company trying to hold together a three hour radio show is always entertaining too.

Still to come: Pony Two's deadline is 30th July now, so whatever excuse you had for not submitting last time, just crumbled before your lazy sun-scorched eyes. Y'all missed White Denim play Audio- there'll be words+pics of that on the way, and plenty more new music. Hurrah.

PS: Apologies to Verity who put on what was by all accounts a magnificent gig at the Hope on Thursday, I failed to mention it on here as promised: if anyone has pics or comments please do send them in.

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