Thursday, 12 June 2008

Toddla T? Kindergarden K***!

So I got introduced to Toddla T's soundtape killin' mix a few months ago, and rinsed it on the iPod ever since. To absolute death. Now it sounds rather juvenile and unispired, making me wonder where all that excitement came from. Anyway, if you have a similar hollow patch of brain reserved for hiphop bashmenteering, you could do worse than fill it back up with this: men o' the moment Rustie and Hudson Mohawke (Hud Mo occasionally, also Heralds of Change) have put together a mix for Dazed Digital, and damn does it bang. Where Sheffield's favourite infant pushed the boundaries of taste as far back as possible, this Glaswegian pairing whip it right back into the future, glitching it to pieces to stunning effect. I was literally slack-jawed with excitement after each transition.. that drop at 4.59? And don't even talk to me about 11.01! Ridiculous, and leaves a sweet taste, unlike the sour tang of self-loathing the T inflicted. Now where can I get a tracklist...

MP3: Rustie and Hudson Mohawke - Drunk Mix (via Dazed Digital)


PS- Don't forget the Showpony deadline for the month is 30th June, send all material at 300 dpi to Whythankyou.

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