Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Project Jenny, Project Jan (SXSW Reprise)

It was inevitable that someone would slip through the net when I put together that top ten, and embarrassingly it was this fine duo. Project Jenny, Project Jan are from, wait for it, Brooklyn, but blow their artsy boho contemporaries out the water. They recently played with neighbours Vampire Weekend, and put on a joyously loose live show, like Hot Chip with the rod extracted from their backside... The song below is painfully infectious, and you sound like a special case trying to sing along, but screw your dignity, it's worth it. Head to their site and listen to Train Track too, its even better. The album's out now (buy here), and keep an eye on their myspace in case they plan to enlighten our shores anytime soon. Go on now, get ridiculous..

MP3: Project Jenny, Project Jan - 320

Quick bit of news- Efterklang are back in town at the Pressure Point on April 4th, more to follow but get tickets quick!

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